Welcome to Culture Den, an eclectic woodland refuge designed to inspire!

Culture Den is a multi-media event space nestled in the heart of historic St. Peter’s Village, PA. Our cozy cottage serves as a new kind of gathering place for a wide array of activities. We offer use of our video projection, sound system and adaptable seating for groups of 20-30, as well as a spacious sundeck overlooking the boulders and crisp waters of French Creek. In this wilderness setting, our guests enjoy a refreshing
change of scene which can inspire their creativity to flow freely and naturally.

Here, collaborating and learning can happen in a more casual atmosphere, with a chance for open dialogue about topics of local interest. By creating a welcoming forum for the community to connect and share their voices, we can entertain and enlighten one another in new ways. Ideas welcome!

Above all, we strive to become a hub of activity and information for St. Peter’s Village; a starting point to explore the remarkable wilderness around and support our neighboring shops. We are thrilled to join forces with the local businesses in placing St. Peter’s Village on the map as “must-see” destination….