We bring you an ideal escape for activities such as:

Off-Site Business                                

Special Training
Focus Groups
Promotional Events
Market Research
Think Tanks

Lifestyle + Wellness
Learning Seminars
Nutrition + Healing Arts
Massage + Natural Therapies
Yoga, QiGong, Reiki, Meditation
DIY Personal Care Products
Home Remedies + Detox
Herbalism + Permaculture
Counseling + Support Groups

Audio / Visual                                           
Live Performance
Rehearsal + Recording
Lessons, Workshops + Recitals
Open Jams, Drum Circles + Flow Arts
DJing, VJing + Live Broadcasts
Podcasts + Interviews
Talks + Film Screenings
Digital Archiving: VHS + Cassettes
Photo Shoots + Portfolio Shows
Gallery Space

Social Gatherings
Hobbies, Crafts + Gaming
Fundraisers + Benefits
Meet-Ups, Skillshares + Retreats
Ceremonies + Reunions
Private Parties
Potluck Dinners                       
Pop-Up Markets
Poetry + Storytelling
Writing Classes + Book Clubs
Holiday + Seasonal Celebrations

Nature Walks
Litter Patrols
ReWilding + Ancestral Wisdom
Survival Skills
Local Food Tastings
Folklore + Village History
Guided Tours

Now accepting reservations and event submissions! What could YOU do at the den?